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BMGF TB Vaccine Grants

Our goal is to accelerate discovery and development of a vaccine to prevent TB infection and disease in adolescents and adults.

Natural immune response associated with protection against infection and disease. We are learning from prospective cohort studies of outlier populations, and from smaller experimental medicine studies. We propose that newly acquired knowledge will guide rational vaccine design.​

Blood correlates of risk of/protection against disease: Some persons repeatedly exposed to TB never convert their tuberculin skin test (TST), nor become IFN-γ release assay (IGRA) positive. The determinants of this resistance will be identified in blood, and later in pulmonary samples, by comparing persons who are repeatedly exposed and who do not convert with those who do convert.

Blood/BAL correlates of resistance against infection: Examples of outlier population studies include comparisons between persons who develop disease after infection and those who do not, and between persons who do not develop sustained infection after exposure and those who do.

Pulmonary immunity: Human granulomas, NHP granulomas, lung macrophages

New vaccine concepts that exploit immunological diversity. We are expanding current efforts to explore vaccination approaches that target “uncommon” or non-conventional immunity, and/or target the lung directly. Our new approach to the up-stream development space will include exploring induction of “uncommon” immunity. This includes immunity mediated by antibodies, CD1 cells, unconventional CD8 T cells (MHC class II restricted, large epitope breadth), γδ T cells and MAIT cells.

Product Development
We are supporting the following candidates in the pre-clinical stage:

  • TB-CMV
  • HBHA
  • TB-ChAd63/TB-ChAd3
  • H56
  • BCG by aerosol

We are supporting the following candidates in the clinical development stage:

  • H4
  • H4/BCG
  • H56
  • H4/H56/BCG
  • M72
  • M. obuense
  • A402 (Ad35) /MVA85A
  • ID93